Since 1951, the AS&F Foundation has given millions of dollars in support of Southern California organizations. During this time, we have provided grants which have helped non-profit organizations in many sectors deliver services to improve lives in many ways. Over the last two years, our grantees learned how to engage their audiences and advance their missions from Andy Goodman’s story telling workshops. Organizations learned how to create new wonderful, heart-warming stories to explain their impact. For almost a decade, we have been proud to have helped give the transformative experience of residential camping to thousands of children, youth, and in some cases entire families. Camping experiences have provided the opportunities for kids to make new friends, gain confidence, learn new skills, and develop a sense of self that cannot always be learned at home.


As an asset based foundation, the AS&F Foundation has used income from its investments to fund its grant making. After deliberation, the trustees of the foundation have decided that the Foundation could have a greater impact by distributing all its assets in transformative grants to a limited number of organizations. The trustees have determined which organizations will receive these grants and all have been informed of this. The Foundation will not accept any further grant requests after March 20, 2017. The Foundation expects to complete distribution of its assets by mid-2018 and expects to dissolve by the end of 2018.

Grant applications are by invitation only. Unsolicited letters of inquiry or grant requests will be ignored.

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