Although entirely independent, AS&F Foundation shares some heritage with Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks and Mortuaries.


Forest Lawn Cemetery started in 1906 in what was then the town of Tropico. Hubert Eaton and Charles Sims formed American Securities Corporation after entering into a contract with the cemetery in 1912 to sell cemetery property before need. The Eaton-Sims relationship ended in 1914 with left in control of American Securities. In 1916 Hubert Eaton formed American Security & Fidelity Corporation (AS&F) and merged American Securities and Tropico Land & Improvement Co. into his new corporation. Upon becoming general manager of Forest Lawn Cemetery in 1917 and renamed it Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Through the next five decades Eaton worked to develop and expand Forest Lawn with the view that Forest Lawn should be more than just a sacred place for burial—it should be a place that not only memorialized loved ones but also a place that was a community asset.


In 1951, Eaton founded Forest Lawn Foundation dedicated to "God and Humanity." Over the years, contributions to the Foundation were from Eaton's estate and from American Security & Fidelity Corporation (AS&F) and its subsidiaries. AS&F was a development corporation controlled by Eaton. After his death, his nephew, Frederick Llewellyn, assumed the role of CEO and he was followed by his son, John Llewellyn. With the sale of AS&F in 1999, Forest Lawn Foundation became an asset based foundation that has not received further contributions from any source. The Foundation remains interested in improving the quality of life in Southern California and a geographic focus in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


In 2012, the Foundation's name was changed to AS&F Foundation to emphasize the independence from Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries (see "Why we changed our name"). Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Association, the non-profit owner and operator of Southern California's Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries and its wholly owned subsidiary, Forest Lawn Mortuary have never contributed to the Foundation.


The Foundation's trustees serve without compensation.




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